Caring is tough!


Physically tough! Emotionally tough.


You’re pregnant, you’re planning, thinking about names, wondering who this child will resemble, wondering what kind of mother you will be and dreaming about all the opportunities you hope to provide for this little human being that will soon be your whole world.


No one prepares you for the crash you face.The grief is intense and you feel completely lost.


Almost instantly you are on autopilot, doctors visits, therapists, and more. Your friends and family are unsure how to behave around you as a new baby is a joyous event, but you are devastated!


As time goes on you start to see things differently and you start to feel proud, happy.


You enjoy your child and accept what has happened. Then, just as you feel in control, you will face another challenge,  it may be a doctors appointment, negative comment, even a party that you were not invited to. You will feel down again.


Do you feel extremely lonely? Do you feel your close friends and family do not understand? Do you feel lost and unsure of where to turn to? Do you struggle to find support services? Do you want to enjoy your children, but struggle to know what options you have? Do you struggle with the negative comments or stares from others.


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!


Billyboy was created by carers for carers.



I believe in sharing! Sharing of information, sharing of stories, laughs, tears, advice and tips. I also refuse to believe, life has to be a sad struggle.  However as a carer I also know the frustration in finding the right type of support.


Many of us will feel overwhelmed with sadness. 


We will feel tired. We will miss out on outings organised by our friends as these outings may not be suitable for our children. We will feel trapped and frustrated, unappreciated and most of all very fearful of our future. We will miss out on conversations with other Mums as we will need to be attending to our children.


Billyboy has created this site for CARERS. We all own it! Our job is hard, physically and emotionally. Billyboy has made things easier by bringing together carers, professionals and businesses. We have also created the best type of support!


At billyboy you will find people who understand because they are like you!


You will find opportunities to reduce loneliness, plan for your future and enjoy the journey, making it Perfectly Different!




The grief was intense after the birth of Debra’s first child, who was born with disabilities and diagnosed with severe Autism. Debra quickly realised how tough it was, physically and emotionally.  The impact on Debra’s life was significant and she is now a single Mum to Billy 9years & Sienna 7 years.  Debra found herself feeling alone with limited options for a positive future. She understands the real issues carers face daily, the isolation, lack of understanding, loneliness and fears for the future. Debra is on a personal mission to empower other carers similar situations, through sharing the right tools and strategies to create a perfectly different life.