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Walked past the kitchen and had to snap this, whats with character plates and my son who has special needs!

I often wonder what goes through the mind of my son Billy who has special needs. This is one of those things i’ve asked myself for years.

Why does he get so disgusted about kids plates that have characters on them?special needs kids

Except this one! My little pony.

Normally the “plastics” cupboard is not allowed to be open at all when he is around. He will come over with a look of disgust and quickly close the cupboard if it’s open. But, today he has left it wide open and is totally studying this plate!

Is he thinking “I like this plate”? Not that he has ever watched My Little Pony. Kids who have special needs are so interesting. I truly love the way he and other children who have special needs think sometimes.. and I say sometimes because most of the time with Billy I am left wondering.

But special needs thinking sits well with me in one particular way.

There is no fluff!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

People with special needs are straight shooters, I love that. haha sometimes Billy can be a little too straight!

“Billy do you like this park?” Billy goes to his speech device and says “home”

I suspect the stuff I don’t understand is probably because Billy has trouble understanding or explaining why he feels the way he does.

As a special needs mumma, my goal is to give him the tools to hopefully be able to do that one day.

Until then I will hide the plates that disgust him and let him stare at the ones that don’t!

Happiness is everything, even if it is a character plate that gives you that happiness!

Salute to “respecting it even if you don’t understand it”


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