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Special needs parenting is a blessing.

Yeah yeah we have read all the posts.

Hell, I’ve written them!

Special needs parenting is full of blessings. Full of incrediable moments that many people take for granted. Full of wonderful things that others completely miss.

Sure.  It can be. And I have had plenty of those moments.


It can also be a shit fight. It can feel like you are sinking, screaming for help, drowning and absolutely no one hears your screams. Or if they do they believe you have a boat beneath your heavy legs. So what ya carrying on about, it ain’t that bad!

I hate to break it to you, but special needs parenting is an emotional roller coaster that can have you feeling high and accomplished one minute, then in the very minute that follows, like the loneliest, most misunderstood person in the world.

As a single parent some days are simply fucked. My son doesn’t cope with noise. Nor does he cope well with different environments, waiting, crowds, shopping centres, change and visiting people.

My life is completely and I mean COMPLETELY dictated by a 13 year old.

I have difficulties going anywhere when he is home. I struggle to sit down and eat a meal, talk on the phone, go to the toilet, hang the washing out, go to the shop, or be a good friend. If a good friend means making an effort, (I promise it’s not that I don’t want to come visit you, it’s just way too hard).

This has of course affected my friendships which are now pretty non existent. It affects my ability to do much of anything for others, let alone myself and it affects my relationship with my daughter.

But what’s the use in complaining about it? At the end of the day this is my life and he is my child who I love more than anything. We are making the best of the hand we have been dealt. Yup we cry, feel sorry for ourselves, and just be downright grumpy arseholes at times.

But we also laugh, hug, love,hope, dream and experience some pretty intense highs.

So, yes special needs parenting is full of blessings, it’s just some days they don’t show up and those are the days each one of us should know it’s okay to fall to pieces. It’s okay to worry, cry, scream and rant. It’s okay to let those closest to you know, help is needed. After all we are all human and we are all doing the best we can.

So go on do it if you need do. Cry, fall to pieces, scream, rant amd rave. Then go to bed and know tomorrow is a new day which may be full of blessings and surprises you never thought you’d see.

Its a little bit of this and a little but of that. Support YOURSELF when no one else does because you are living it, YOU are doing a great job and you should believe that first and foremost.


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