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Its hard to see you, celebrating your child’s first steps while my son, the same age, is still not able to crawl.


It’s hard to hear your child’s first words, knowing my child may never speak.


It’s hard to hear you complain about buying nappies when I may need to buy them forever.


Its hard to hear about the little friend your child has made at preschool when my child spends the day with the teacher.


It’s hard to know my son will grow out of the tooth fairy before I ever get to see his glorious smile as he counts his cents.


It’s hard knowing Santa may never bring happiness and excitement to my son because it’s one of the most memorable parts of childhood, one I may never have with him.


It’s hard to see your photos of your children dressed up with proud smiles on their first day at big school.


Its hard to hear you say you’re worried your child may not make friends knowing my child may never have a friend.
Its hard to hear you complain because your child has another birthday invitation when my child has never been invited to one.

It’s hard to know you all see each other on Saturday mornings because your children play sport together.


Its hard knowing that your children are having a play date when my child sits at home with me.


Its hard to hear you all making plans to spend the holidays together when I will be here with my child alone because he struggles with different environments.


It’s hard when one of the dads takes the boys to watch the footy while my child misses out because he struggles with crowds and noise.


It’s hard to know all my friends taking to the kids to the kiddies concert this weekend when my child will be here with me.


It’s hard to have fun at the park when you are all sitting relaxing and chatting while I stand over at the play equipment helping my child to join in.
 It’s hard to hear how your child has started high school and has made lots of new friends when my child sits alone in the playground.


It’s hard to see your child getting ready for his first date knowing my child may never have a girlfriend.


It’s hard to not feel envious as your child graduates and  and gets his first paying job.


It’s hard to watch your children go out and party while my child sits and watches TV with me.


It’s hard to see you as mother of the groom because my son may never marry or live with a female other than me.


It’s hard to know I may not have grandchildren from my son because I know how much joy they bring.


Most of all it’s hard to know one day I will die and leave a dependant child behind with no one that loves him like I do.



Thank you to all the very special parents who contributed. x