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Yesterday I heard that Kelli Stapleton received a prison sentence of 10-22 years for the attempted murder/suicide of herself and her daughter Issy.


If you haven’t heard this story, Kelli was a happily married mother of three who was caring for her daughter who is severely autistic.Kelli suffered physical abuse daily for years as Issy became more and more violent. She faced daily challenges to protect her other children, and she fought for years to get Issy the appropriate support, to have it end after only one summer.


Was she a desperate mother or, as some advocates have described, the mother to Hitler wanting to purge society of disabilities?

Although Kelli’s ex-husband does not condone her actions, he has spoken out about the challenges many families face when caring for a child with Autism. He cannot forgive Kelli, however he has stressed the need for more help so that other families can not only assist their children who have autism, but better handle their own stress as well.


I don’t know if Kelli Stapleton is a monster or a desperate mother. I DO know the challenges she was dealing with are very real and happen every day.


After a long two weeks at home with the kids and no break, my thoughts can change. Losing the ability to refresh and refocus can have parents and carers thinking doom and gloom. I practice strategies I have learnt daily, to take care of myself.


Many parents can be so focused on their child, that they miss the important clues to their own well-being. This can lead to depression and desperation.


Whatever your views on Kelli Stapleton, you can not deny the fact that caring is tough.


You are important. You are a human being with needs and wants. This week is Carers Week and I encourage you to reach out if you are struggling to cope. There are also many Carers Week activities in your area to connect and relax with other carers.


With Love

Debra x


Do you have an opinion on this story? Do you have tips that help you cope with stress? The best information comes from other parents and carers so please leave your insights below. As always thank you for sharing.