This app is free today and it works wonders!

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Whenever I find something that just works, no frills, no fluff, no crap, it just works, I get very excited and feel the need to share!

This app is so useful! I use it with Billy daily. I use it to assist Billy in turn taking, bath time as he had a habit of pulling out the plug as soon as the bath was full and my water bills skyrocketed, for activities I want him to complete and for cooperation during our morning routine.

The great thing about this app is it is highly visual so it is easy for our kids to understand the expectation. This app is normally $1.99 so get on to the app store and download it now. It is free for a limited time only! Get it here Visual Timer + Time Timer PRO

The new breed of carers and why they are on the right track!

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After I gave birth to my son Billy, I spent a few years caring for him, accepting his diagnosis and well, moving away from my life pre-special needs. It was a difficult time for me. Here I was with this new baby, trying to accept, not only the diagnosis, but also the cold hard fact that my life would never be the same.