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More and more workplaces are offering their employees flexible working arrangements. Employers are recognising the benefits that flexible working options can bring to the business and ultimately the bottom line. This is great news for unpaid carers!




For many carers, the responsibility of the caring role has kept them out of paid employment.


4.1 million employed people in Australia (38.2 per cent of all employees), have unpaid caring responsibilities. This number will grow substantially over the coming decades, due to an aging population, and increases in longevity. This will impact everyone as more people move into a carer role, and are unable to juggle the responsibility of caring and working.


Now, before you race towards your manager’s office with your chosen work hours, remember that the final decision will be based on what’s best for the business.


So, if you are thinking of approaching your manager to request flexible working arrangements, ensure you are well organised and equipped with the right knowledge to maximise your chances of success.


In addition to this, many carers also understand the impact of having flexible working granted.


Carers have reported negative responses from their peers or even managers, who may be dealing with grievances from other colleagues due to the decision. Before you make your request, it would be a good idea to ensure you are meeting your work goals and position yourself as an invaluable employee. This will ensure your boss has confidence in your work ethic and to manage any issues within the work team.


Use this guide when you are seeking flexible working arrangements from your employer. Remember to focus on the benefits to the business and good luck!


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