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I was going to leave this alone. I thought about saying my piece then decided to sit back and wait to hear more of the facts. I don’t like to judge and as baby Gammy’s parents were in hiding, it was my intention to remain silent.


Then, they spoke on 60 minutes!


I must say it has been a while since I felt so angry and disgusted at another human being. In this case being’s as I am not convinced either of them told the truth.  I wanted to smash my television just so I could get to these two parents and give them a piece of my mind. So here goes.


To the parents of baby Gammy,


Thank you for sharing your version of events last night on 60 minutes. I am sure there would have been a monetary benefit for you, still I appreciate that you shared your story and alerted Australians to the issue of convicted Pedophiles having access to children. You also, in my opinion, proved that there are uneducated, disrespectful, cold hearted human beings among us.


I have a child with disabilities, severe autism and a life-threatening medical condition. I did not know my son would be born with these issues. I was not given time to prepare for what was to come. I was not prepared for the changes my life was about to endure.


When I met my child for the first time, I was absolutely heart broken. I cried an immeasurable amount of tears. I felt guilt, anger, pity, sadness, fear and many more emotions each time I looked at my new baby. I didn’t have the glow of a new mother. I faced fear of the unknown. I didn’t look at my baby sleeping and think about how precious he was. I looked at my baby sleeping and wondered if he was breathing. I didn’t get to join my friends as they took their children on outings, instead I spent my time learning how to tube feed my baby. I too wanted those wonderful experiences that come with having a new baby. I also wanted a healthy baby.


I didn’t get a healthy baby. I didn’t get those wonderful experiences. I DIDN’T decide to abandon my baby!


Your comments during last nights interview were disrespectful and hurtful to all parents. Having a child is one of the biggest decisions anyone will make during their lives. It is a life-long commitment which includes problems, illness, sacrifice, and unconditional love. It does not however, include a money back guarantee!


Aside from the hurt you may have caused many parents just like me, your comments and questionable remorse regarding your past child sex convictions were an absolute insult to your victims. You ruined the lives of the young girls you groomed deceitfully for sex. They have to live with a life sentence due to your disgusting actions. To top that off, they now have to live knowing you do not have to endure a traumatic and painstaking life. You instead get to have the absolute blessing of a child, a child that is perfect.


I truly hope for the safety of that child, she is removed from your care. I do not believe you can be trusted nor do you deserve to have a child in your care.


With that said, I thank you again for reminding me that there is much room for improvement, both in educating people on the blessing of having a child with special needs and for alerting Australia on the issues such as Pedophiles having access to children. You may, indirectly of course, saved other children that may have the same fate as your daughter in the future.



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