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Do you often wake up in the morning, look at your to do list and cringe at the thought of the amount of stuff that has to be done?


Carers in business are unique and often have to work a lot smarter than the average person, simply because of our time restraints and other caring commitments.


I found this frustrating and did some major researching in the early days of starting my business.  I knew there must be an easier way to get things done rather than chasing my tail day after day and ending the night feeling guilty for not spending enough time with the kids.


I’m sure I spent lots of time with them but still some of that time I would be multi-tasking and we all know how it feels to be with someone who has their heads buried in their phones.


I found lots of handy tools that I now use every day.  These tools have made my life so much easier and have left me with time to actually just be with the kids, no phone or ipad included.


I have shared them with you here and hopefully if you are cringing every morning, these tools may make your life a little easier too.



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