A Behind-The-Scene Look at a Special Needs Parent’s Rollercoaster of Emotions

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It is 2am and for the past hour I have been fighting a losing battle. Billy woke up just after 1am. I woke up to find him sitting on my legs. I reach out for him and tucked him in next to me. He is cuddly and is a bit giggly as he buries himself under the blankets. It seems he may settle as he digs himself closer to me. I say a little prayer. I don’t, however, fool myself, I am familiar with this spectacle.

What will happen to my dependent child when I die?

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Most Mothers will ask themselves this question at least once. Most Mothers can also feel comfortable knowing that it’s just a thought and more than likely will not happen. So your questions will go back to the dreams you have for your children. Will they excel at school? What career path will they take? Who will they marry? Will they have 2 kids or 3?