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How hard is it to buy for your child?


I am finding it is getting harder as Billy is getting older. That would be because his interests are so limited and there is only so much you a buy of one interest.


I normally have a list with the gifts I want to buy for each child, but this year, Billy’s list was pretty much empty. Actually the only items on that list were things he needed, such as new p.j’s rather than things he would be excited about.



Every child should receive something they really like at Christmas, so I went searching for some stuff and have come up with this list:


Gifts Under $10 – Stocking fillers!


What Goes Together Puzzle



Sensory Light Tactile Wand




Pearl Water Wigglies



Gifts under $50


Body Sock


Abilitations Yuk-E-Ball



Nylon Supercrawl Tunnel


Gifts Over $50 – Splurge




InYard Unique High Quality Elastic Hammock Swing INDOOR OR OUTDOOR


EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine – White


So there you have it, my list of toys for special needs children. Even if you are organised keep the list handy for birthdays and other times you may be buying gifts.


With Love


Debra x